EDA Playground Help

Quick Start

  1. Log in. Click the Log in button (top right) Then either
  • click on Google or Facebook or
  • register by clicking on ‘Register for a full account’ (which enables all the simulators on EDA Playground)
  1. Select your language from the Testbench + Design menu.
  2. Select your simulator from the Tools & Simulators menu. Using certain simulators will require you to supply additional identifcation information.
  3. Type in your code in the testbench and design windows.
  4. Click Run.
Tutorial <http://eda-playground.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorial.html>
EDA Playground on YouTube - Tutorials for Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, and VHDL, interview questions, news and features, etc.

What is EDA Playground?

EDA Playground gives engineers immediate hands-on exposure to simulating SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, C++/SystemC, and other HDLs. All you need is a web browser. The goal is to accelerate learning of design/testbench development with easier code sharing and simpler access to EDA tools and libraries.

  • With a simple click, run your code and see console output in real time.
  • View waves for your simulation using EPWave browser-based wave viewer.
  • Save your code snippets (“Playgrounds”).
  • Share your code and simulation results with a web link. Perfect for web forum discussions or emails. Great for asking questions or sharing your knowledge.
  • Quickly try something out
    • Try out a language feature with a small example.
    • Try out a library that you’re thinking of using.

Example Usecases

  • Quick prototyping – try out syntax or a library/language feature.
  • When asking questions on Stack Overflow or other online forums, attach a link to the code and simulation results.
  • Use during technical interviews to test candidates’ SystemVerilog/Verilog coding and debug skills.
  • Try verifying using different verification frameworks: UVM, SVUnit, plain Verilog, or Python.

Tools & Simulators

For settings and options documentation, see Tools & Simulators Options

Available tools and simulators are below. EDA Playground can support many different tools. Contact us to add your EDA tool to EDA Playground.


Compilers and Interpreters

Synthesis Tools

NOTE: The synthesis tools will only process code in the right Design pane. The code in the left Testbench pane will be ignored.


For settings and options documentation, see Languages & Libraries Options

Available frameworks:

SystemVerilog and Verilog


Libraries & Methodologies

For settings and options documentation, see Languages & Libraries Options

Available libraries and methodologies:



What Users are Saying

“This is a really useful web-based utility for anyone who is discussing/sharing/debugging a code segment with a colleague or a support person. Also, a very useful follow-up tool for post-training help among students or between instructor and students. Simple, easy, useful.”

—Hemendra Talesara, Verification Technologist at Synapse Design Automation Inc.

“I think EDA Playground is awesome! Great resource to learn without the hassle of setting up tools!”

—Alan Langman, Engineering Consultant

“I’ve used it a few times now to just check out some issues related to SV syntax and it’s been a big timesaver!”

—Eric White, MTS Design Engineer at AMD

“EDA Playground is sooo useful for interviews. I got a lot more feedback from being able to watch someone compile and debug errors. I would highly recommend others to use it if they are asking SV related questions.”

—Ricardo Goto, Verification Engineer

“I have recommended to use EDAPlayground.com to my team and am also trying to use it more for my debug. I find EDAPlayground.com is much easier than logging into my Unix machines.”

—Subhash Bhogadi, Verification Consultant

“I just wanted to thank you a lot for creating EDA Playground. I’ve been using it a lot lately together with StackOverflow and it makes asking and answering questions much easier.”

—Tudor Timisescu, System Verification Engineer at Infineon Technologies

Support, Feature Requests and Bug Fixes

Support available on EDA Playground forum
Or open a bug here: https://github.com/edaplayground/eda-playground/issues (requires GitHub account).

News and Site Updates

New features are frequently being added to EDA Playground. Follow the updates on your favorite social media site:


EDA Playground is maintained by Doulos.