SystemC  2.3.1
Accellera SystemC proof-of-concept library
sc_boost.h File Reference
#include "sysc/packages/boost/bind.hpp"
#include "sysc/packages/boost/ref.hpp"
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#define sc_bind   sc_boost::bind
#define sc_ref(r)   sc_boost::ref(r)
#define sc_cref(r)   sc_boost::cref(r)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define sc_bind   sc_boost::bind

Definition at line 61 of file sc_boost.h.

#define sc_cref (   r)    sc_boost::cref(r)

Definition at line 63 of file sc_boost.h.

#define sc_ref (   r)    sc_boost::ref(r)

Definition at line 62 of file sc_boost.h.