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scfx_utils.h File Reference
#include "sysc/datatypes/fx/sc_fxdefs.h"
#include "sysc/datatypes/fx/scfx_params.h"
#include "sysc/datatypes/fx/scfx_string.h"
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#define MSB_STATEMENT(n)   if( x >> n ) { x >>= n; i += n; }
#define LSB_STATEMENT(n)   if( x << n ) { x <<= n; i -= n; }


int sc_dt::scfx_find_msb (unsigned long x)
int sc_dt::scfx_find_lsb (unsigned long x)
int sc_dt::scfx_parse_sign (const char *&s, bool &sign_char)
sc_numrep sc_dt::scfx_parse_prefix (const char *&s)
int sc_dt::scfx_parse_base (const char *&s)
bool sc_dt::scfx_is_equal (const char *a, const char *b)
bool sc_dt::scfx_is_nan (const char *s)
bool sc_dt::scfx_is_inf (const char *s)
bool sc_dt::scfx_exp_start (const char *s)
bool sc_dt::scfx_is_digit (char c, sc_numrep numrep)
int sc_dt::scfx_to_digit (char c, sc_numrep numrep)
void sc_dt::scfx_print_nan (scfx_string &s)
void sc_dt::scfx_print_inf (scfx_string &s, bool negative)
void sc_dt::scfx_print_prefix (scfx_string &s, sc_numrep numrep)
void sc_dt::scfx_print_exp (scfx_string &s, int exp)
void sc_dt::scfx_tc2csd (scfx_string &, int)
void sc_dt::scfx_csd2tc (scfx_string &)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LSB_STATEMENT (   n)    if( x << n ) { x <<= n; i -= n; }

Definition at line 84 of file scfx_utils.h.

#define MSB_STATEMENT (   n)    if( x >> n ) { x >>= n; i += n; }

Definition at line 64 of file scfx_utils.h.