SystemC  2.3.1
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sc_signal.h File Reference
#include "sysc/communication/sc_port.h"
#include "sysc/communication/sc_prim_channel.h"
#include "sysc/communication/sc_signal_ifs.h"
#include "sysc/communication/sc_writer_policy.h"
#include "sysc/kernel/sc_event.h"
#include "sysc/kernel/sc_process.h"
#include "sysc/kernel/sc_simcontext.h"
#include "sysc/datatypes/bit/sc_logic.h"
#include "sysc/tracing/sc_trace.h"
#include <typeinfo>
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class  sc_core::sc_signal< T, POL >
class  sc_core::sc_signal< bool, POL >
class  sc_core::sc_signal< sc_dt::sc_logic, POL >




void sc_core::sc_deprecated_get_data_ref ()
void sc_core::sc_deprecated_get_new_value ()
void sc_core::sc_deprecated_trace ()
sc_event * sc_core::sc_lazy_kernel_event (sc_event **, const char *name)
template<typename T , sc_writer_policy POL>
inline::std::ostream & sc_core::operator<< (::std::ostream &os, const sc_signal< T, POL > &a)